Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis 10K

December 6th, 2003

Why yes, I do lack common sense. Why do you ask?

If you’ve been in the DC area, you know that we got more snow here.

Despite that, I ran in the Jingle Bell 10K this morning. Lisa, Julie, and I all participated; we got down there, attached our numbers to our jackets, put bells on our shoes, and we were off! Unfortunately, the snow was still coming down on us, and that meant that within a mile I could no longer see that well as my glasses picked up any and everything coming down from the clouds. I ended up running through far too many puddles of slush, and my toes may never forgive me. It was cold despite having three layers of clothing on, and when it finally stopped snowing the last mile the wind obligingly picked up and froze us to death.

In other words, a lot of fun. I’m glad I finally was able to participate! (I can’t remember what happened last year, and the year before that freezing rain was coming down. Not fun.)

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