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One more training run

Start time: 2/27/2016, 7:02 am
Location: National Mall, Southwest Waterfront, Navy Yard, Anacostia Riverfront Trail, Capitol Hill, H St NE
Distance: 12.32 miles
Average pace: 10:26 min/mile
Total Miles For February: 63 miles
Total Miles For 2016: 146 miles
Current Shoes: 273 miles

Last training run before the race, but Armand, Steve, and I pushed through the whole darn thing. Victory!

ka-boom ka-boom

Start time: 12/20/2014, 7:02am
Location: National Mall
Distance: 12.13 miles
Average pace: 10:29 min/mile
Total Miles For December: 51 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 803 miles
Current Shoes: 78 miles

Ran a 12-miler with Steve, Ben, Armand, and Jerry… or at least most of it. Jerry cut off around the 8 mile point, and Ben vanished around a mile or so later (turns out he got a little behind us and then thought it was just a 10-miler; we were just glad he wasn’t kidnapped and sold into slavery). Around mile 11 I was having a leg cramp or two and took the last mile in a bit slower, but it was all good in the end.

Spring has almost sprung (but not quite)

Start time: 2/22/2014, 7:05am
Location: National Mall, Shaw, Howard University, Navy Yard
Distance: 12 miles
Average pace: 10:28min/mile
Total Miles For February: 64 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 122 miles
Current Shoes: 188 miles

Nice run on a day that is starting to (thankfully) warm up a bit! Ran 6 miles with Armand, Jerry, and John and then dropped Jerry off at the cars, and the three of us did another 6-mile loop. No complaints.

12 and change

Start time: 7/27/2013, 6:07am
Location: National Mall, Capitol Hill, Mt. Vernon Trail, Georgetown
Distance: 12.27 miles
Average pace: 10:28min/mile
Total Miles For July: 89 miles
Total Miles For 2013: 430 miles
Current Shoes: 24 miles

Ran four miles with John and Stephanie, then another eight with Ben joining us. The first four had a little extra added on when I didn’t pay attention and we took Mass Ave up towards Union Station instead of staying on Constitution towards the Capitol, coming back from Lincoln Park. Oops!

That’s the way to the zoo

Start time: 6/22/2013, 5:42am
Location: National Mall, Rock Creek Park, National Zoo
Distance: 12 miles
Average pace: 10:33min/mile
Total Miles For June: 65 miles
Total Miles For 2013: 329 miles
Current Shoes: 228 miles

Nice 12 miler, although the humidity is starting to return. Ran the first mile with Steve, at which point we picked up Ben and John and headed up and through the Zoo and then back down Connecticut. They veered off near the end (they were only running 10 total) and Steve and I had a nice strong finish at 12.

Breezy Breezy 12 miles

Start time: 3/2/13, 7:00am
Location: National Mall, Capitol Building Grounds, Hains Point, Mt. Vernon Trail
Distance: 12 miles
Average pace: 10:35min/mile
Total Miles For March: 12 miles
Total Miles For 2013: 84 miles
Current Shoes: 278 miles

Very, very breezy morning; I’m glad I brought a third layer at the last second. It went well; held back a bit in the middle section then picked back up to my regular 12-miler pace with no real problems. Fingers crossed!

More Spring Weather

Start time: 12/8/12, 7:40am
Location: Belle Haven Park, Mt. Vernon Trail
Distance: 12 miles
Average pace: 10:42min/mile
Total Miles For December: 33 miles
Total Miles For 2012: 604 miles
Current Shoes: 144 miles

More spring weather? This getting crazy.

The guys were running 20 so they did 8 on their own, then I met them for the back 12 and let them set the pace. Nice weather (a bit foggy in places!), no real complaints. My faster last-mile plan for my weekday runs is definitely paying off; with one mile had a nice kick in the tank and dropped about 1:45min on it.

Great day for a 12-miler

Start time: 10/13/12, 7:00am
Location: National Mall, Rock Creek
Distance: 12 miles
Average pace: 10:19min/mile
Total Miles For October: 39 miles
Total Miles For 2012: 442 miles
Current Shoes: 237 miles

Beautiful day, great company. Steve and I picked up the pace on the last four miles and we both felt fantastic.

Good Stuff

Start time: 9/29/12, 6:30am
Location: National Mall, East Potomac Park, Georgetown Waterfront
Distance: 12 miles
Average pace: 10:32min/mile
Total Miles For September: 73 miles
Total Miles For 2012: 403 miles
Current Shoes: 198 miles

Rounding out September with an (almost) fantastic run. Great company (Ben, John, Stephanie, Steve), fantastic weather, and my first double-digit mileage in over six months. Considering it was a 4-mile jump from last Saturday, I’m quite pleased.

Only complaint is that after last Saturday’s chafing/bleeding, I shouldn’t have just relied on BodyGlide to protect myself this go-round. Oops. Ah well, at least it was a dark shirt, right?

Been A While

Start time: 12/17/11, 7:30am
Location: Belle Haven Park, National Harbor, Mt. Vernon Trail
Distance: 12 miles
Average pace: 10:03min/mile
Total Miles For December: 54 miles
Total Miles For 2011: 698 miles
Current Shoes: 239 miles

Phew! Looking back through my running logs, the last time I’ve done 12 or more miles was all the way at the start of August for a 14-miler. (That was the one where my knee started bothering me, so it makes sense that I hadn’t done any of that length since then.) Met Jim, John, Michael, and Steve at Belle Haven Park in Alexandria, and from there we ran over the Wilson Bridge to (and through) National Harbor, then headed back and picked up the 4 on the back end up and down the Mt. Vernon Trail.

My quads were clearly saying, “What is this? Shouldn’t we be done?” around the end. Heh. All in all not bad; there’s one really slow mile in there (#5) where most of the guys stopped for a bathroom break (so John and I just walked until they finished up and ran up to us) but otherwise nothing unreasonable. (Even when we started losing track of how long the walk breaks were for miles 9-12 after Steve stopped a little early; he does a good job of getting us moving again.)

(9:53, 10:04, 9:42, 10:22, 12:47, 9:31, 9:11, 9:31, 9:52, 9:58, 10:28, 9:04)