Monthly Archives: September 2014

Blinky Blink

Start time: 9/29/2014, 5:37am
Location: National Mall
Distance: 6.09 miles
Average pace: 10:29 min/mile
Total Miles For September: 55 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 606 miles
Current Shoes: 163 miles

I have a light-up snap bracelet that I wear in the darker mornings, when I’m running by myself before meeting my running buddies. It has three modes; continually lit, blinking, and off. Every time you press the button on it, it shifts to the next mode. While running my first two miles, I had it on continually lit. Near the end of that time, I noticed it was blinking. “Hmmm,” I thought, “I must have accidentally hit the button.” I pressed it twice more and put it back to solid.

Later on the run, it was blinking again. By that point it was light enough out that I just turned it off. When I got back to the car… it was lit up again. And wouldn’t turn off, or even into blinking mode. When I got to the gym (to take a shower), it was still lit up and refused to change. Upon leaving the gym… it was off. And completely dead.

And to think, just yesterday I had said, “Oh good, I didn’t need to replace it this year like I did last fall.” Oops!

Rocking the Bosque

Start time: 9/24/2014 & 9/27/2014, 7:30am
Location: Rio Grande Bosque, Bernalillo, NM
Distance: 5.27 & 5 miles
Average pace: 10:10 & 9:41 min/mile
Total Miles For September: 49 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 600 miles
Current Shoes: 157 miles

Went on vacation to New Mexico and got to run two times along the Rio Grande River’s bosque area w/ Charlie while we were there. The first time was a combination of loops on a flat trail and going up and down the ridge to the south; the second time we stuck just to the loops. Very pleasant run, although being even at just 5000 feet definitely made a real difference!

The Case of the Natty (g)Nat

Start time: 9/22/2014, 5:35am
Location: National Mall
Distance: 7.35 miles
Average pace: 10:16 min/mile
Total Miles For September: 39 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 590 miles
Current Shoes: 147 miles

Ran with Ben this morning; it was wonderfully cool after this weekend’s warmer, summer-like temperatures. A nice way to start out the week… well, except for the part where I swallowed a gnat. Bleah.

New Zoo Review

Start time: 9/20/2014, 10:35am
Location: National Mall, Rock Creek Park, National Zoo
Distance: 10.04 miles
Average pace: 10:35 min/mile
Total Miles For September: 32 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 583 miles
Current Shoes: 140 miles

Another zoo run! Hurrah! Always enjoyable.

Travel and Treadmills

Start time: 9/16/2014 & 9/18/2014, 6:00am
Location: Nameless Facility Gym
Distance: 6.4 miles x2
Average pace: 9:23 min/mile
Total Miles For September: 22 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 573 miles
Current Shoes: 130 miles

I was on a business trip this week, one in a secure location which limited where I could and could not run. To top it off, it was on a mountain and which was not meant for people to walk from place to place. In short, there was nowhere to really run for more than half a mile. So… to the dreaded treadmill, alas.

Nine Point Oops

Start time: 9/13/2014, 7:00am
Location: Gallery Place, Shaw, LeDroit Park, Navy Yard
Distance: 9.79 miles
Average pace: 10:52 min/mile
Total Miles For September: 10 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 561 miles
Current Shoes: 118 miles

After taking two weeks off, I joined the group for a 9-mile run this morning… and hurrah, no problems and everything is all healed up. Mind you, that 9-mile run stretched into almost 10 miles instead… oops!