Monthly Archives: July 2012

Climb Every Mountain

Start time: 7/28/12, 11:20am
Location: Lost River, West Virginia
Distance: 3 miles
Average pace: 10:16min/mile
Total Miles For July: 45 miles
Total Miles For 2012: 309 miles
Current Shoes: 104 miles

Went for a short run while out in the mountains (Lost River, West Virginia). Phew! Those hills (plus some bright sunlight and perhaps the attempted return of my breakfast) did me in.

Then, later in the day I whacked my little toe against a chaise lounge. Broken or just banged up? A good 24 hours later, still hurts like the dickens and slightly swollen. We shall see. *sigh*

Me & Ben

Start time: 7/26/12, 5:51am
Location: National Mall
Distance: 5.11 miles
Average pace: 10:50min/mile
Total Miles For July: 42 miles
Total Miles For 2012: 306 miles
Current Shoes: 101 miles

Just the two of us on a slightly slow Thursday morning.

Weekdays w/ the Group

Start time: 7/24/12, 5:45am
Location: National Mall
Distance: 5.11 miles
Average pace: 10:02min/mile
Total Miles For July: 37 miles
Total Miles For 2012: 301 miles
Current Shoes: 96 miles

It’s nice to be back.

Back w/ the group

Start time: 7/21/12, 6:02am
Location: National Mall, SW Waterfront, Navy Yard
Distance: 6.15 miles
Average pace: 10:29min/mile
Total Miles For July: 32 miles
Total Miles For 2012: 296 miles
Current Shoes: 91 miles

Ok, technically I wasn’t supposed to be up to 6 miles. But considering the recovery schedule started with pauses and then worked up to times without pauses, I decided a 6-miler was ok if they had walk breaks. All went well, aside from the rain, but we all agreed we’d take a cool rain over ice, snow, or 100+ degree weather. (But it sure would’ve been nice to have been sans rain!)

It only took a month…

Start time: 7/19/12, 6:11am
Location: Takoma
Distance: 3.61 miles
Average pace: 9:45min/mile
Total Miles For July: 26 miles
Total Miles For 2012: 290 miles
Current Shoes: 85 miles

…for me to get to the point where I forgot to record a run. 🙂 In this case, Thursday’s.

35min + hills

Start time: 7/17/12, 6:04am
Location: Takoma
Distance: 3.62 miles
Average pace: 9:41min/mile
Total Miles For July: 22 miles
Total Miles For 2012: 286 miles
Current Shoes: 81 miles

Tried a new route today. Took one wrong turn (oops) and also discover a whole new world… of hills. On Big Hill #3 and 4, I pooped out and walked about 10 seconds on each. Ah well. I’ll conquer them eventually…

35 min + rain

Start time: 7/14/12, 6:55am
Location: Rock Creek Park
Distance: 3.56 miles
Average pace: 9:49min/mile
Total Miles For July: 18 miles
Total Miles For 2012: 282 miles
Current Shoes: 77 miles

Ran through the upper portions of Rock Creek Park along Beach Drive. First two thirds went great, then I got caught in a 5 minute downpour and unfortunately it managed to kill all my momentum. Ah well, I got the time in, life goes on.

30 min

Start time: 7/12/12, 6:12am
Location: Takoma
Distance: 3.16 miles
Average pace: 9:30min/mile
Total Miles For July: 14 miles
Total Miles For 2012: 278 miles
Current Shoes: 73 miles

As I told Charlie post-run, as the time/distance increases, so do the number of hills thanks to our neighborhood. Not a complaint, just a fact to accept and move on…

Another 25 minutes

Start time: 7/10/12, 6:01am
Location: Takoma
Distance: 2.69 miles
Average pace: 9:18min/mile
Total Miles For July: 11 miles
Total Miles For 2012: 275 miles
Current Shoes: 70 miles

Amazing what 15 degrees cooler can do for you.

So Humid You Can Write Your Name In It

Start time: 7/8/12, 6:35am
Location: Sligo Creek Park
Distance: 2.49 miles
Average pace: 10:02min/mile
Total Miles For July: 8 miles
Total Miles For 2012: 272 miles
Current Shoes: 67 miles

I was supposed to do this 25-minute run yesterday, but on Friday afternoon I developed a big ol’ cramp in my right calf that was still bothering me (although not as bad) on Saturday. So, got up on Sunday and thought that maybe Sligo Creek might be a few degrees cooler in the same way that Rock Creek gets that way.

Well, if it was, I didn’t notice. Thick and humid air, generally unpleasant from start to finish. Calf was still a little sore but I think the run helped stretch it out. Glad that’s over.