Monthly Archives: January 2003

Running: 3 miles

Start time: 1/30/03, 9:15pm

Location: My parents’s treadmill

Activity: Running

Distance: 3 miles

Run:Walk ratio: 3:2

Average pace: 14:30min/mile

I pulled a muscle or something in my left leg on Sunday—it’s been very sore for a couple of days. Yesterday was the first “back to normal” day, so I figured I’d give it a quick spin on the treadmill to see if things were back to normal. They seem to be, but I really hate running on my parents’s treadmill. I’m fairly convinced the milage counter is slow, based on how fast I feel I’m running and how much distance it normally is. Oh well, at least I got to watch “CSI” while gasping, and my parents’s dog (who I’m watching while they’re in Phoenix) seemed bemused by the whole experience.

Running: 5 miles

Start time: 1/25/03, 9:30am

Location: W&OD Trail

Activity: Running

Distance: 5 miles

Run:Walk ratio: 3:2

Average pace: 15min/mile

Brrrrr. Today was awfully cold, but after skipping last week Julie and I dragged ourselves to the East Falls Church metro station for a 5-mile jaunt. One nice surprise was to discover the AIDS Marathon winter program was there today doing their final long run (26 miles) in preparation for the Mardi Gras Marathon down in New Orleans next month. We cheered on the various pace groups as we went by them in the opposite direction, which was fun.

The run itself started off really slowly; our pace last year was a 14:30/mile, but being sloth-like for two months had whittled that down. Both Julie and I always have a sluggish first two miles, but it felt much longer this time, almost until the 2.5 mile turn-around. Heading back, though, we found ourself subconsciously picking up the pace; by mile 4 we were right on pace, and we did the final mile in a 14-minute pace. This was reassuring, since one of our goals is by spring to shave off a full minute-per-mile off our pace while still having endurance for longer runs.

The only really bad thing was that the water fountains along the W&OD trail had all frozen; fortunately, since AIDS Marathon was out and about, we could bum some water off of them when we finished. Next week if it’s this cold I’ll have to remember to bring some extra water with me to the trail!

Welcome to marathongreg!

Welcome to marathongreg! This is a spin-off from gregmce, my main journal; I’m using this as my exercise journal. In an effort to exercise a little more regularly, one of the items in my Uberlist 2003 was to keep an exercise journal. By putting it out in public, hopefully that will help matters a bit.

The name comes from, which is where my journals for running the Baltimore Marathon 2001 and Marine Corps Marathon 2002 exist. When I start training for my next marathon I’ll be posting the progress reports here, although I’ll also be posting much-less-interesting entries about regular exercise.

So, here we go!