Monthly Archives: April 2011


Start time: 4/28/11, 5:10pm
Location: Custis Trail
Distance: 4 miles
Average pace: 9:06min/mile
Total Miles For April: 71 miles
Total Miles For 2011: 242 miles

Went for a run after work on the Custis Trail, but I was feeling a little under-hydrated and ended up cutting it short. Ugh. When sweat starts stinging in my eyes it’s always a warning sign that my levels are off, and sure enough, the whole way back on the Custis Trail was sting city.

(8:34, 9:17, 9:22, 9:08)

Ah, 65

Start time: 4/26/11, 5:50am
Location: National Mall
Distance: 5 miles
Average pace: 9:46min/mile
Total Miles For April: 67 miles
Total Miles For 2011: 238 miles

Went down to the National Mall, ran a mile, met Ben and John, ran three with them, then ran part of one final mile with just John before we headed our separate ways.

(8:55, 9:45, 10:07, 10:07, 9:56)

Where’d the nice weather go?

Start time: 4/23/11, 7:00am
Location: National Mall
Distance: 8 miles
Average pace: 9:50min/mile
Total Miles For April: 62 miles
Total Miles For 2011: 233 miles

Well, so much for the great weather from the past few days. It’s supposed to warm up a great deal later today, but this morning it was mid-40s, a little rainy, and breezy. Brrrrr. Ran with Michael for a bunch of the run (especially the second half), which was nice because he’ll quietly pick up the pace a touch without me noticing. Genuinely appreciated.

(9:44, 9:58, 10:18, 9:46, 10:38, 9:37, 9:18, 9:20)

Replacement run

Start time: 4/20/11, 7:00am
Location: North Arlington
Distance: 4 miles
Average pace: 8:44min/mile
Total Miles For April: 54 miles
Total Miles For 2011: 225 miles

Need to head out of town for the rest of today and tomorrow, so I went and grabbed this run since I knew I’d miss tomorrow’s.

(8:53, 8:39, 8:34, 8:50)

Early morning with the group

Start time: 4/19/11, 5:50am
Location: National Mall
Distance: 4.96 miles
Average pace: 9:56min/mile
Total Miles For April: 50 miles
Total Miles For 2011: 221 miles

Headed out to the National Mall this morning, ran a mile by myself, then met up with Ben, John, and Steve for another four with them. Would be utterly unremarkable save for the nice weather. Short sleeves and shorts at 6am! Yay! (I’ll be regretting the warmer weather come August, but until then…)

(9:04, 9:40, 10:20, 10:03, 10:03)

Four State Run

Start time: 4/16/11, 8:00am
Location: State Streets of DC
Distance: 6.15 miles
Average pace: 10:23min/mile
Total Miles For April: 45 miles
Total Miles For 2011: 216 miles

It was a cold wind and colder rain sort of run; just me, Ben, Stephanie, and Rich. We tried out a new loop (up 7th to Mass Ave, then up Mass Ave to California St in Kalorama, before taking Connecticut to the White House to Pennsylvania Ave back) and it was a nice change of scenery, but with the number of lights we hit I think it’s perhaps best reserved for a slightly earlier start time. It was hard to ever get into a groove, save for that one portion on California Street.

(10:18, 10:34, 10:35, 10:43, 10:01, 10:25, 1:11)

Morning group

Start time: 4/14/11, 6:00am
Location: National Mall
Distance: 4.2 miles
Average pace: 10:23min/mile
Total Miles For April: 39 miles
Total Miles For 2011: 210 miles

Met John and Ben for a run this morning; Ben hadn’t run in a week since having some calf problems, so this was in many ways a dry run (no pun intended) to see if it was better. Knock on wood, no problems reported for him.

(10:00, 10:26, 10:51, 10:23, 1:56)

Four more indoor

Start time: 4/12/11, 6:15pm
Location: TJ
Distance: 4 miles
Average pace: 8:06min/mile
Total Miles For April: 35 miles
Total Miles For 2011: 206 miles

Thought about running outside after work, but it was getting that cold wind blowing in that said “storm” to me. It never did storm, but it have a cold rain, so I made the right call for me.

(8:15, 8:06, 8:05, 7:59)

Little Bit Extra

Start time: 4/9/11, 7:00am
Location: DC
Distance: 12.9 miles
Average pace: 10:01min/mile
Total Miles For April: 31 miles
Total Miles For 2011: 202 miles

The plan this morning was to meet on the National Mall, run 6 miles, swing by and pick up John, run 6 more miles. Except thanks to the Cherry Blossom Parade (oops!), we couldn’t actually get to the meeting point. So we met up at the old Southwest Waterfront location and picked up around 5.6 miles, scooped up John… and then messed up our math entirely and ended clocking just shy of the 13 mile mark. Ah well! Extra mile never hurt. Aside from two of the guys needing a bathroom break during mile 8, no real lingerings or any such during the run. I’m good with that. Probably should’ve added on an extra tenth of a mile, but I’ve rounded down enough I figure it balances out.

(9:40, 9:58, 9:41, 9:59, 10:07, 10:02, 9:45, 11:14, 10:06, 10:26, 10:05, 10:05, 8:08)

Return to speedwork

Start time: 4/7/11, 6:00am
Location: National Mall
Distance: 4 miles
Average pace: n/a
Total Miles For April: 18 miles
Total Miles For 2011: 189 miles

Met up with Steve and Ben this morning, who are starting to add in some speedwork to their weekly schedule. It was only a tiny amount today—three quarter-mile sprints with recovery—and of course some warm up and cooldown. Over time they’ll be increasing the amount, of course. Amazing how when you haven’t done it for ages, though, even a tiny bit can kick your butt.