Monthly Archives: April 2010

Just a run

Start time: 4/29/10, 5:45pm
Location: North Arlington
Distance: 4 miles
Average pace: 8:37min/mile
Total Miles For April: 58 miles
Total Miles For 2010: 239 miles

Felt like crap while out running today, unfortunately. Toughed through it but sometimes it just doesn’t click. Ah well.

(8:21, 8:29, 8:47, 8:51)

Early morning brick

Start time: 4/28/10, 7:15am
Location: South Arlington
Distance: 2 miles
Average pace: 8:09min/mile
Total Miles For April: 54 miles
Total Miles For 2010: 235 miles

After missing last week’s Wednesday brick, it looked like this Wednesday was going to be a no-go after work as well, so I got up early and dragged myself to the 6:30am spin class for a change. It was great to see Barbara again; I haven’t seen her in aaaaaages. Afterwards, I went outside and ran a 2-mile loop in the mid-40s temperature. Brrrr. I was glad I brought an extra long-sleeve shirt, though, it totally did the trick. Next week, hopefully, add on an extra mile to the brick.

(8:04, 8:15)

Cool and Grey

Start time: 4/24/10, 12:00pm
Location: SW Waterfront, National Mall, Georgetown Harbor
Distance: 8.86 miles
Average pace: 9:57min/mile
Total Miles For April: 52 miles
Total Miles For 2010: 233 miles

Another jaunt with the weekend group; not too much to really report, aside from being quite happy that it did not start raining on us like the weather report had threatened! I fear my Sunday bike ride might get scratched, though, it’s supposed to be rainy for quite a few days. Distance came up a tiny bit short due to a slight detour in Georgetown but it’s all good.

(In general this was a strange week for exercise. Missed Wednesday’s spin class due to work but biked home on Tuesday from work so that sort of balanced out. And then I missed Friday’s swimming due to feeling sick and staying home all day. Ah well, time to start over on Monday I guess!)

(10:25, 10:10, 9:59, 9:50, 10:10, 10:01, 10:03, 9:52, 7:44 (.86mi))

Afternoon Delight

Start time: 4/22/10, 12:00pm
Location: North Arlington
Distance: 5 miles
Average pace: 8:35min/mile
Total Miles For April: 43 miles
Total Miles For 2010: 224 miles

I had an early morning meeting downtown, which in terms of timing meant there was little chance for a morning run. Instead, I went and tackled it when I got home. About 75 degrees out, something I will be no doubt yearning for in a few months, but with the sun high in the sky was still something I’m getting used to all over again this season. Despite my brief transformation into sweatzilla, though, it was a nice enough run. No landspeed records, but pretty consistent save for that slight climb in mile 4. Now here’s to not as much rain this weekend as they’re predicting…

(8:31, 8:24, 8:36, 8:54, 8:32)

Return to the W&OD

Start time: 4/18/10, 5:30pm
Location: W&OD Trail
Distance: 6 miles
Average pace: 8:38min/mile
Total Miles For April: 38 miles
Total Miles For 2010: 219 miles

After working at the store today I went back over to the W&OD Trail where it leaves Vienna, aka where I had my 5-mile run that died a hideous death on Thursday. It’s funny, this one was actually 6 seconds per mile slower, but I consider it far better. Not because there was a 6th mile, but rather because I had a much more consistant pace; there wasn’t a faster first two miles followed by a bad flameout this time. Especially since I held the pace pretty well for the entire second half, which is uphill.

Temperature was much different, though; it’s very windy and cold out (54 degrees? really???) and I actually put on a second layer because that wind was chilling me to my bones. For parts I felt a little buffeted around on the trail… oof.

(8:26, 8:31, 8:48, 8:42, 8:42, 8:37)

Post-Work Melt

Start time: 4/15/10, 5:00pm
Location: W&OD Trail
Distance: 5 miles
Average pace: 8:32min/mile
Total Miles For April: 32 miles
Total Miles For 2010: 213 miles

It’s funny how sometimes it’s the little things that bug you. I was going to run before work on Thursday but I didn’t sleep well, so at the last second I decided I’d run immediately after work, before some evening engagements. This meant running out on the W&OD where it exits Vienna and heads towards Reston. And while the temperatures were only in the mid-70s, the sun was out and shining bright, and there is absolutely no shade at all on that stretch of the trail. After a slightly too-fast start, I ended up paying for it big time in the second half; I felt overheated and exhausted, and towards the end of the mile 4 (and start of mile 5) I ended up walking for about 90 seconds, so that I could rally for the rest of the last mile.

On the one bright side, it is nice to finally get confirmation that there is a gradual drop on the way out (about 150 feet) and then climb on the way back; I’d always suspected as much but was never 100% sure. The new Garmin 405CX is working wonderfully. The difference between it and my old 301 is huge.

There’s a good chance I’ll run this same stretch again on Sunday, on a day which should be a lot cooler; it’ll be interesting to see how that goes, if so.

(7:44, 8:05, 8:14, 9:32, 9:05)


Start time: 4/14/10, 6:00pm
Location: TJ Community Center
Distance: 2 miles
Average pace: 7:50min/mile
Total Miles For April: 27 miles
Total Miles For 2010: 208 miles

Backwards brick for Wednesday; I had so much stuff to get done after spinning class that I ended up running my 2 miles right before class started. Not really a brick, but the switch-up was good and it put me a little more tired for spinning, which is a I figure a somewhat good simulation of post-swim. Also thinking that I might start shifting the post-spin run up to 3 miles. (Also might start doing it outdoors, if I can clean and break down the bike quickly.)

(8:01, 7:39)

Cap Crescent

Start time: 4/10/10, 7:30am
Location: Cap Crescent Trail
Distance: 6 miles
Average pace: 9:32min/mile
Total Miles For April: 25 miles
Total Miles For 2010: 206 miles

For a change of scenery, on Saturday the group ran on the Cap Crescent, and it was a perfect day to do so. Nice cool temperature, gentle breeze, sunny but not blistering… good times. Towards the end Jim and I pulled ahead a bit and chatted about various things for the last two miles. All in all, a good time. (Then on Sunday I knocked out 26 miles on the bike. Unfortunately, I also forgot to put on sunscreen. Ouch. Not very smart.)

(10:31, 9:11, 9:40, 9:48, 8:56, 9:06)


Start time: 4/8/10, 6:30am
Location: North Arlington
Distance: 5 miles
Average pace: 9:00min/mile
Total Miles For April: 19 miles
Total Miles For 2010: 200 miles

Got up early today to knock out my run before work, and I was still yawning when I headed out the door. Not a bad run, but I was definitely feeling tiiiiiiiiired in the fourth and fifth miles. Go to bed even earlier next time, I guess. On the bright side, the Garmin clocked exactly 5 miles for the loop that I’d mapped out, and the old one was never even remotely that accurate, so yay!

(8:45, 8:35, 8:58, 9:26, 9:16)

Wednesday = Brickday

Start time: 4/7/10, 7:20pm
Location: TJ Community Center
Distance: 2 miles
Average pace: 8:04min/mile
Total Miles For April: 14 miles
Total Miles For 2010: 195 miles

Another Wednesday, another brick. No complaints here, well, except that TJ’s air conditioning was not up to the 90 degree weather outside. Oof. Good tough spinning class, though.

(8:00, 8:07)