Monthly Archives: October 2010

Solo Saturday

Start time: 10/30/10, 8:00am
Location: North Arlington
Distance: 8 miles
Average pace: 9:06min/mile
Total Miles For October: 45 miles
Total Miles For 2010: 562 miles

Missed Thursday’s run due to a variety of reasons, but mostly what felt like a pulled muscle. Ah well.

With MCM on Sunday, plus the rally on Saturday, no group run this weekend, but at the last minute I decided to knock out a run. Originally it was going to be 8 miles. Then I decided no no, it would just be 5. Then I took a slight wrong turn (headed back too soon), decided that I should go a different way to make up the mileage and maybe push it up to 6 miles, and was feeling well and ended up running 8 after all. That said, mile 8 was slightly brutal. Definitely ran out of gas there and could’ve used a gel or something a few miles earlier to get me to the end. Ah well! I’m still happy with it overall.

(8:47, 9:04, 8:49, 9:06, 9:28, 8:38, 8:55, 9:59)

Computer reborn

Start time: 10/26/10, 8:15am
Location: North Arlington
Distance: 5 miles
Average pace: 8:59min/mile
Total Miles For October: 37 miles
Total Miles For 2010: 554 miles

Eh, I’ve had better. My own fault, really, after not getting in enough runs during the week as of late. Really pooped out in the middle but tried to rally towards the end.

On the bright side, the new computer is now up and running so I just backdated two other entries as well. Yay for functioning technology…

(8:41, 8:40, 9:10, 9:44, 8:42)


Start time: 10/23/10, 8:00am
Location: Washington DC
Distance: 5.4 miles
Average pace: 9:59min/mile
Total Miles For October: 32 miles
Total Miles For 2010: 549 miles

This was supposed to have started half an hour earlier, but between road closures and then the Mall being closed, even if we could have gotten to our meeting point we couldn’t have parked. Finally regrouped in Southwest DC and did a very short run; Ben had a work event he needed to go to so we couldn’t stay out too long and had to turn back early. Haven’t seen Stephanie or Rich in AGES, though, so it was great to see them. Really windy day, at that.

(9:12, 10:17, 10:19, 10:17, 9:40, 4:08)

Evening Run

Start time: 10/21/10, 5:00pm
Location: North Arlington
Distance: 4 miles
Average pace: 8:38min/mile
Total Miles For October: 27 miles
Total Miles For 2010: 544 miles

Ended up getting little sleep the night before this run, so it got postponed until immediately after work.

(8:30, 8:52, 8:42, 8:29)

Back into the groove

Start time: 10/16/10, 8:00am
Location: Washington DC
Distance: 10 miles
Average pace: 10:15min/mile
Total Miles For October: 23 miles
Total Miles For 2010: 540 miles

This was a fairly slack week; aside from spinning on Wednesday, no exercise at all. Combination of work plans, lethargy, and weather derailed me pretty badly. I finally declared it a wash and promised this Saturday would be the end of the mini “vacation.” It felt nice to get out there, and it was also good to see the gang again, some of whom I hadn’t seen in several weeks. (I will leave it to you as an exercise to determine which mile had the “can we walk for a little extra so I can eat something?” request, and at what point Jim and I ran ahead a bit.)

(10:07, 10:31, 10:01, 10:09, 11:05, 10:17, 10:35, 10:09, 9:51, 9:35)

The Forgotten Run

Start time: 10/8/10, 7:15am
Location: North Arlington
Distance: 5 miles
Average pace: 8:37min/mile
Total Miles For October: 13 miles
Total Miles For 2010: 530 miles

Oops! Forgot to add this run in, probably because last week was a pretty slack week thanks to a lot of rain. I did get some gym workouts in, but the running never quite worked out. Squeezed in this one run before heading out of town for the weekend.

(8:43, 8:39, 8:35, 8:52, 8:14)

Brief rain break

Start time: 10/2/10, 8:00am
Location: National Mall
Distance: 8 miles
Average pace: 10:19min/mile
Total Miles For October: 8 miles
Total Miles For 2010: 525 miles

Ended up missing Thursday’s run due to rain rain and more rain… fortunately it stopped for our run on Saturday (although as I type it is now back). It was just me, Ben, and Dave on Saturday. Ben was just going back up to 8 miles for the first time in about half a year after his injury, and Dave hadn’t run since our 12-miler two weeks ago. Oops! It was nice to see them both and spend some good time chatting. They were both definitely feeling it in the second half though, although I felt just fine.

Going to be out of town and probably not running this weekend so I need to make sure to get my running in during the week even if the weather is crappy… fingers crossed!

(9:28, 10:20, 10:32, 10:15, 10:24, 10:50, 10:30, 10:09)