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Against All Odds

Start time: 2/25/12, 7:00am
Location: National Mall, Penn Quarter, Shaw, U Street, Mass Ave, Capitol Hill, RFK Stadium, Nationals Park, Waterfront, Rock Creek Park, Georgetown, Cap Crescent…
Distance: 23 miles
Average pace: 11:16min/mile
Total Miles For February: 99 miles
Total Miles For 2012: 183 miles
Current Shoes: 216 miles

Last long run before the race. John ran the first 13 or so miles with me and Ben, then we dropped him off at the starting point and hacked out the rest, or at least that was the plan. All we had to deal with was a sudden series of heavy flurries of snow, and then 25-30mph headwinds. Oof.

Ben’s last long run had been 18 miles, so while we were doing the last 10-mile stretch (which would’ve been 5-out-and-then-back), he asked if we could turn around a mile earlier, so he’d only be jumping to 21 miles. Sounded more than reasonable to me, so we did just that and my plan was to run the last two on my own. I’d been having some stomach/internal problems at the start of the run in the morning, and they’d returned around mile 17 so I was having serious doubts about finishing the run myself.

Once we got back (21 miles in), though, I walked a quarter mile, my stomach settled down, and I finished up the run. Well, rather, first I tripped and fell at mile 22.5, then I finished the run. One small scrape on an arm, and what feels like a bruise on a thigh, but otherwise everything appears to be in working order despite my wipeout.

Not my most graceful long run—ok, it was agony for a lot—but it’s done.

Hmmm. Perhaps it would be worth getting new shoes before the marathon.

One last long one

Start time: 10/28/06, 8:00am
Location: Downtown Washington DC to Bethesda MD (and back)
Distance: 23 miles
Run:Walk ratio: 5:1
Average pace: 10:37min/mile

This past Saturday was the final long run for the Florence Marathon training program—a 23-miler. Stephanie, Tod, and I did it together (no Katie, alas!), and were joined partway through with Sarah who was running an 18-miler after having to take some time off. After spectacular 18- and 20-mile training runs, the 23-miler was mostly good but not great. The first 20 miles went well; we were aiming for an 11min/mile training pace and looking at our splits for the first half they ranged from 10:09 to 10:45. The second half had a bit of a slow down towards the end when my legs felt like lead, but once I took an Advil (which I’d forgotten to bring with me… Tod to the rescue!) our pace actually picked up a great deal.

It was a fun final long run… good company and spirits kept everyone moving, and at the end was a big celebration with balloons and what have you waiting for us.

Finish Line

I’ll miss having my long runs with Stephanie (she’s running Honolulu); she’s been a fantastic running partner.

Rapidly Approaching the Endgame

Start time: 09/10/05, 7:00am
Location: W&OD Trail
Distance: 23 miles
Run:Walk ratio: 3:1
Average pace: 13:00min/mile

Hard to believe there’s only one more “long run” to go at this point, now that the 23-miler is history. We were back in two lopsided groups today, with more and more people unable to tolerate having to run with the Bickersons. Oh well, not my fault. Our group did really well; I ended up setting the pace, and aside from one or two hiccups we really nailed the pace. Perhaps a little too much dawdling at water stops, but it was 5 hours of running, I can understand the want for another 30 seconds to grab some more Starbursts. I felt pretty strong, though. Towards the end I was just feeling tired and a tiny bit sore, but really nothing major. This isn’t like several years ago where it was an, “Ow, ow, ow” sort of thing. It’s amazing how much my body’s adapted to the abusive workout that I put it through.

Best of all was this morning, though, when the sun wasn’t making an appearance and we were running through lots of fog and mist. It finally got burnt off, but the lack of direct sunlight provided for a really pleasant running environment. Don’t get me wrong, no humidity would have been nice, but at least the humidity helped us out instead of hindering us for most of the marathon.

Oh, and a great side-benefit of the new haircut; I swear, I sweat less as a result. Maybe it’s just evaporating faster, but whatever the reason I’m just thankful.

Final long run: October 1st.
Marathon: October 30th.

Tick tick tick tick tick…