Monthly Archives: October 2012

Home Territory

Start time: 10/27/12, 7:00am
Location: Takoma, Takoma Park, Shepherd Park, Sligo Creek Park, Manor Park
Distance: 14.04 miles
Average pace: 10:54min/mile
Total Miles For October: 86 miles
Total Miles For 2012: 489 miles
Current Shoes: 29 miles

Got most of the running group (Ben, John, Stephanie, Steve) to come up to my neck of the woods and we did a run all around my stomping grounds. The first four were with just Ben, John, and Steve, and we ran along the bottom edge of the old Walter Reed Medical Center, up 16th St to the border with Maryland, then down Eastern Ave and Blair Rd back home. Picked up Stephanie and ran 8 miles through Takoma Park and Sligo Creek Park and back; dropped off John and did two final miles down into Manor Park and back. Stephanie’s running the NYC Marathon next weekend and John’s recovering from an injury, so we had all sorts of different mileages and a bit of a taper going on, but it was all good. Lovely weather, good scenery, fantastic company.

Le Sweat

Start time: 10/24/12, 5:46am
Location: National Mall
Distance: 6.23 miles
Average pace: 9:44min/mile
Total Miles For October: 72 miles
Total Miles For 2012: 475 miles
Current Shoes: 15 miles

Wee bit warmer this morning. Ok, I was a big sweatball. What happened to autumn?

48 degrees

Start time: 10/22/12, 5:46am
Location: National Mall
Distance: 6 miles
Average pace: 9:25min/mile
Total Miles For October: 66 miles
Total Miles For 2012: 469 miles
Current Shoes: 9 miles

WSC and Back

Start time: 10/21/12, 9:12am + 10:13am
Location: Silver Spring
Distance: 3.15 miles (1.61 + 1.54)
Average pace: 9:13min/mile
Total Miles For October: 60 miles
Total Miles For 2012: 463 miles
Current Shoes: 3 miles

Ran to Washington Sports Club and back this morning with Charlie, which worked out well, although I was a little more winded by the end of the weights than normal. A nice way to start and end the run, and only one second off on the paces between the two runs. Also, new shoes.

A little sluggish

Start time: 10/19/12, 5:47am
Location: National Mall
Distance: 6.25 miles
Average pace: 10:01min/mile
Total Miles For October: 57 miles
Total Miles For 2012: 460 miles
Current Shoes: 255 miles

Just wasn’t quite feeling this run. Never bad, possibly the humidity, but just never quite got into a groove despite the nice company.

Shorts and t-shirt!

Start time: 10/15/12, 5:46am
Location: National Mall
Distance: 6 miles
Average pace: 9:26min/mile
Total Miles For October: 45 miles
Total Miles For 2012: 448 miles
Current Shoes: 243 miles

Nice 60 degree weather this morning. I believe Wednesday’s run by way of comparison is scheduled to be in the 40s…

Great day for a 12-miler

Start time: 10/13/12, 7:00am
Location: National Mall, Rock Creek
Distance: 12 miles
Average pace: 10:19min/mile
Total Miles For October: 39 miles
Total Miles For 2012: 442 miles
Current Shoes: 237 miles

Beautiful day, great company. Steve and I picked up the pace on the last four miles and we both felt fantastic.

Shoe Swap Around the Bend

Start time: 10/10/12, 5:45am
Location: National Mall
Distance: 6 miles
Average pace: 9:34min/mile
Total Miles For October: 27 miles
Total Miles For 2012: 430 miles
Current Shoes: 225 miles

Almost time to replace the shoes. Another week or two and that’ll be it, I think.

Catching up

Start time: 10/3/12, 5:45am
Location: National Mall
Distance: 5 miles
Average pace: 10:12min/mile
Total Miles For October: 11 miles
Total Miles For 2012: 414 miles
Current Shoes: 209 miles

Start time: 10/5/12, 5:45am
Location: National Mall
Distance: 6 miles
Average pace: 10:13min/mile
Total Miles For October: 17 miles
Total Miles For 2012: 420 miles
Current Shoes: 215 miles

Start time: 10/8/12, 1:45pm
Location: WSC Silver Spring treadmill
Distance: 4 miles
Average pace: 11:06min/mile
Total Miles For October: 21 miles
Total Miles For 2012: 424 miles
Current Shoes: 219 miles

Oops! Quick catch up.

Wednesday: Muggy and humid plus little sleep on Mon night/Tues morning meant that I was dragging bad on Wednesday with Ben and John. Cut out the extra mile at the end and called it a day.

Friday: Just me and Ben doing a make-up run since we knew we were both unavailable on Saturday.

Monday: Over the weekend I did some weights involving legs, and one of my calves has been a little tight since then. Stretched it out really good, then after a 5-minute walk started out slow (12min/mile) on the treadmill and slowly built it up a bit. No pain at all and now it feels MUCH better.

Almost time to swap out the shoes!