Monthly Archives: August 2014

Two Runs and an Injury

Start time: 8/28/2014, 5:37am
Location: National Mall
Distance: 6.1 miles
Average pace: 10:28 min/mile
Total Miles For August: 80 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 545 miles
Current Shoes: 102 miles

Start time: 8/29/2014, 5:35am
Location: National Mall
Distance: 6 miles
Average pace: 9:45 min/mile
Total Miles For August: 86 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 551 miles
Current Shoes: 108 miles

Ran on Thursday w/ Ben and Steve, and my right calf (which had been a little stiff on Monday) was continuing to be so that day, too. Friday was supposed to have amazing weather, though, and I wasn’t sure if a Saturday run was going to happen. So given the opportunity for a Friday morning run, I jumped on it…

…and a quarter mile from the end, my right calf went from a little stiff to really hurting. *sigh* I’ve had this happen before (back in 2007) and it was an achilles mechanism strain. (Essentially the muscles that connect to the achilles tendon.) I ended up taking two weeks off last time and that did the trick then, so hopefully… maybe? Fingers crossed. Until then, ice and stretching and elevation and such.

Another home base run

Start time: 8/25/2014, 7:52am
Location: Sligo Creek Park, Takoma Park
Distance: 7.1 miles
Average pace: 9:31 min/mile
Total Miles For August: 74 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 539 miles
Current Shoes: 96 miles

Had a late Sunday night, so decided to get a little extra sleep and run by myself this morning. I essentially extended the run from Friday with a few extra miles in the middle, and it was nice to see the pace stay more or less the same. Considering I was struggling a bit on Friday, having 3.1 more miles with only two more seconds per mile is a good thing. (And I definitely moved up the Carroll Hill climb out of Sligo a lot faster today than I did on Friday!)

I should know better…

Start time: 8/22/2014, 9:03am
Location: Sligo Creek Park, Takoma Park
Distance: 4 miles
Average pace: 9:29 min/mile
Total Miles For August: 67 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 532 miles
Current Shoes: 89 miles

There’s a reason why I start my runs at 6 or 7am normally, not 9am. Oof. It is one muggy day.

Special Guest Star Heather Locklear as Amanda

Start time: 8/20/2014, 5:33am
Location: National Mall
Distance: 7.28 miles
Average pace: 9:38 min/mile
Total Miles For August: 63 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 528 miles
Current Shoes: 85 miles

We had some special guest stars this morning; Michael was in town for a meeting and came out to run with us, and for the occasion John got up early and joined us as well. Hurrah! It was nice to have so much of the group together today. The run moved at a nice brisk pace, too, even with the thick humidity. Were it always that inspiring…

Running Up That Hill (redux)

Start time: 8/18/2014, 5:33am
Location: National Mall
Distance: 7.36 miles
Average pace: 9:44 min/mile
Total Miles For August: 56 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 521 miles
Current Shoes: 78 miles

Added in a run up Capitol Hill on Monday, which was a good thing; I need to map out a route for my starting miles that includes that, I think. I could use the climb.

Back to Double Digits

Start time: 8/16/2014, 7:01am
Location: National Mall, Georgetown, Cap Crescent
Distance: 10 miles
Average pace: 9:54 min/mile
Total Miles For August: 49 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 514 miles
Current Shoes: 71 miles

It’s been a while since the double-digit runs, in part due to few people having a fall race of any great distance on the schedule. Large crowd (me, Steve, and Armand ran the full 10; John and Jerry joined us for the back 8) and a good time was had.

Catching Up

Start time: 8/11/2014, 5:34am
Location: National Mall
Distance: 7 miles
Average pace: 9:51 min/mile
Total Miles For August: 32 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 497 miles
Current Shoes: 54 miles

Start time: 8/13/2014, 5:33am
Location: National Mall
Distance: 7.25 miles
Average pace: 9:45 min/mile
Total Miles For August: 39 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 504 miles
Current Shoes: 61 miles

Catching back up on some posts!

The Hills Are Alive

Start time: 8/9/2014, 7:00am
Location: Takoma, Brightwood, Brookland
Distance: 9 miles
Average pace: 10:32 min/mile
Total Miles For August: 25 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 490 miles
Current Shoes: 47 miles

The plan was for a 12-miler with Armand, Stephanie, and Steve, but we ended up cutting it short at 9 miles. Very hilly route (my fault!) but on the bright side we did get to run past the Franciscan Monastery, finally. (It was worth it. Except for the hill that it’s on.)

Quote of the run: “We may have only run 9 miles, but we put in the effort of 12 miles.”

Revenge of the Dreaded Treadmill

Start time: 8/4/2014, 4:45pm
Location: WSC Silver Spring
Distance: 6.15 miles
Average pace: 9:28 min/mile
Total Miles For August: 16 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 481 miles
Current Shoes: 38 miles

Oh, how I hate the treadmill. I had to skip this morning’s run in favor of some more sleep, though; then I had to scratch running outdoors after work due to the Code Orange level of air quality. So, the treadmill it was. Better than nothing.

2 + 8

Start time: 8/2/2014, 6:35am
Location: National Mall, Howard University, LeDroit Park, Capitol Hill
Distance: 10.06 miles
Average pace: 10:15 min/mile
Total Miles For August: 10 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 475 miles
Current Shoes: 32 miles

Ran two opening miles with Steve, and then we looped back around to pick up Ben, Jerry, Armand, Stephanie, and John. It was nice to have a large group after so many summer weekends where almost everyone was out of town! Nothing big to report otherwise (up 7th to Howard and the reservoir, back through LeDroit Park and Bloomingdale, then looping around the Capitol and a bit on the Mall ton finish it up), save that it worked out really well.