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Start Time: 5/24/08, 7:00am
Location: Washington-Lee High School
Distance: 1 mile & 2600 yards
Total Miles For May: 34 miles

After our warm-up, Fred had us run an exercise he called “stinkers”. The idea is that we would sprint 50 yards down to the middle of the field, then head back briskly to the goal line, then turn around and do that 4 more times. Five total equals one “stinker”, and we were to do five total. Emma wasn’t there, but Paul (who ran a couple of times in the winter program) was and he is blazingly fast. He could almost always beat me in a sprint, but on the way back he was a little slower and that meant I was ahead of him at the end of some of the stinkers. The one downside? In the second “stinker” I miscounted and because I was ahead of him and everyone else, didn’t realize it! So I actually ran 26 reps instead of 25. Oops. After that was some stair work, and strange jumping exercises. A gorgeous morning for exercise!