Monthly Archives: February 2014

Closing out February

Start time: 2/27/2014, 5:47am
Location: National Mall
Distance: 6.25 miles
Average pace: 9:29min/mile
Total Miles For February: 70 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 128 miles
Current Shoes: 194 miles

Another cold cold morning to close out February, but it was a nice zippy run w/ Steve at least.

Spring has almost sprung (but not quite)

Start time: 2/22/2014, 7:05am
Location: National Mall, Shaw, Howard University, Navy Yard
Distance: 12 miles
Average pace: 10:28min/mile
Total Miles For February: 64 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 122 miles
Current Shoes: 188 miles

Nice run on a day that is starting to (thankfully) warm up a bit! Ran 6 miles with Armand, Jerry, and John and then dropped Jerry off at the cars, and the three of us did another 6-mile loop. No complaints.

Last slicks of ice?

Start time: 2/19/2014, 5:38am
Location: National Mall
Distance: 6.21 miles
Average pace: 10:21min/mile
Total Miles For February: 52 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 110 miles
Current Shoes: 176 miles

Back for a morning run w/ Ben and Steve! There were a couple of slicks of ice on the sidewalk where some melting snow had refrozen, but not too bad in terms of conditions. Hopefully the warm weather of the next few days will wipe out most of the rest of it.

Hotel Treadmill x 2

Start time: 2/13/2014, 7:30am
Location: LAX Marriott
Distance: 6.49 miles
Average pace: 9:15min/mile
Total Miles For February: 40 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 98 miles
Current Shoes: 164 miles

Start time: 2/14/2014, 8:00am
Location: LAX Marriott
Distance: 6.49 miles
Average pace: 9:15min/mile
Total Miles For February: 46 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 104 miles
Current Shoes: 170 miles

I’d hoped to get an outdoor run on the weekend while in LA, but events conspired against me. Ah well. For treadmill runs, at least, not too bad.

Last cold run for a bit?

Start time: 2/10/2014, 5:50am
Location: National Mall
Distance: 6.28 miles
Average pace: 9:35min/mile
Total Miles For February: 34 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 92 miles
Current Shoes: 158 miles

If all goes well, heading to a slightly warmer climate later this week for a few days. Which will be nice, because boy was this morning cold once you factored in the wind chill…

Back to the doubles

Start time: 2/8/2014, 7:00am
Location: National Mall, Howard University, Bloomingdale
Distance: 10.11 miles
Average pace: 10:22min/mile
Total Miles For February: 28 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 86 miles
Current Shoes: 152 miles

Ran 10 miles this morning; the first four with Armand, Ben, and Jerry, then the last six with just Armand. For the second half, we ran up 7th St all the way to Harvard St and cut over to the reservoir before coming back down through Bloomingdale. Nice little change of pace.

Another treadmill

Start time: 2/6/2014, 4:30pm
Location: WSC Clarendon
Distance: 6.47 miles
Average pace: 9:16min/mile
Total Miles For February: 18 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 76 miles
Current Shoes: 142 miles

Have you ever felt like a month is going to be a lot of treadmills? That’s this month. (Although in this case it was partially for convenience so that I could work in a run between work and seeing Richard III last night.)


Start time: 2/5/2014, 5:15pm
Location: TJ Community Center
Distance: 4 miles
Average pace: 8:56min/mile
Total Miles For February: 12 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 70 miles
Current Shoes: 136 miles

Missed Monday’s run due to sleep issues + pouring freezing rain. Finally (somewhat) made it up today with 4 miles on the indoor track, right before spin class. Hoping to still get a run in tomorrow and be back on track, work willing…

The Melt

Start time: 2/1/2014, 7:00am
Location: National Mall, Capitol Hill
Distance: 8.25 miles
Average pace: 10:37min/mile
Total Miles For February: 8 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 66 miles
Current Shoes: 132 miles

Finally! The sidewalks are now clear enough that running outside is a-ok. Maybe it could stay that way for at least a little while? Please? Pretty please?

More Treadmilling

Start time: 1/28/2014
Location: WSC Silver Spring
Distance: 4 miles
Average pace: 9:38min/mile
Total Miles For January: 52 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 52 miles
Current Shoes: 118 miles

Start time: 1/30/2014, 6:00am
Location: WSC Clarendon
Distance: 6.24 miles
Average pace: 9:37min/mile
Total Miles For January: 58 miles
Total Miles For 2014: 58 miles
Current Shoes: 124 miles

Had some awful stomach issues this week, so Tuesday ran just 4 miles to make sure everything was ok. (It was, phew.) Thursday went back up to the normal distance, also with no issues. Am now on Prilosec that should hopefully let everything heal back up.