Monthly Archives: February 2003

Running: 6 miles

Start time: 2/1/03, 9:30am

Location: W&OD Trail

Activity: Running

Distance: 6 miles

Run:Walk ratio: 3:2

Average pace: 15min/mile

This was easily the best weather I’ve had running since the marathon, and it was cold and foggy, but at least it’s above freezing. It looked like a friend of Silas’s (who also did the AIDS Marathon program last year) was going to join us, but we waited and waited and waited and there was no sign, so we finally decided she must have bagged on us.

Another sluggish running day, all in all. It was tough to get moving (and two miles in I suddenly remembered I didn’t eat breakfast, oops) but I’m really happy we got out there. Once it warms up a bit more we’ll start worrying about speed, right now it’s just about momentum and distance.